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Opening hours Helsingoer City:

Helsingør City

Monday - Thursday at. 10:00 to 17:30
Friday at. 10:00 to 18:00
Saturday at From 10.00 to 15.00

(Note that opening hours may vary from store to store)

Most stores are closed on Sundays
Many cafes and restaurants open on Sundays

Christmas opening hours 2018:

Sunday, December 2nd, Santa's arrival, open at. 11-15
Sunday d. 9 & 16th of December, open at. 11-15
Last week up to Christmas (17-22th December), open all days until kl. 19:00
Sunday, December 23, open until 18:00
New Year's Day, December 31st, open from kl. 10 to 14:00

Helsingoer with the many original specialty stores, the cozy cafes and restaurants located in beautiful surroundings and nice farm environments.

Take your friend under your arm and go shopping for the lovely Elsinore. We have 250 specialty and grocery stores in beautiful, beautiful and weird surroundings. Have a lunch at one of our many cozy cafes and restaurants. We are looking forward to seeing you and yours family in Helsingoer. You are so warmly welcomed.

Helsingør Bycenter Helsingør
Helsingoer City Center STÜRUPS PLADS 1 3000 Helsingoer Phone: 22 35 51 78   HomePage   Contact

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 10: 00-19: 00
Saturday: 10: 00-16: 00
Sunday: 11: 00-16: 00
Big Bed Day: Closed

Helsingør City Center is a nice oasis in the heart of Elsinore.
In Helsingør City Center you will find 25 exciting shops, good eateries, fun playland for the kids and free parking.
Helsingør City Center has a wide selection of women and children men's fashion, delicacies, groceries, personal care, games, sports and inspiration for the home.
On Helsingoer City Centers Facebook page you will find shopping tips, current offers and information about activities.

All days are good at shopping, and that's exactly why Helsingør holds City center Sunday open every Sunday!
Get a quick overview of the opening hours of the stores in center and learn more about how to find your way. & nbsp;

Helsingør City Center is a 2-storey shopping center centrally located in Helsingør with main entrance from the pedestrian street. Here you can shop in dry weather among a large selection of retail stores and one supermarket, 2 restaurants and a juice bar.
Helsingør City Center has & nbsp; 550 free parking spaces in p-house, from which there is direct access to Helsingør City Center.

We look forward to seeing you in Helsingør City Center

Cafe Olai Elsinore

Café Olai Elsinore

Open all days: 10:00 - 22:00 Kitchen closes 1 hour before.

After a busy day with Power shopping in Helsingør City it is a great relaxing visit to the legendary Café Olai, located in Helsingør's City center.

Café Olai reflects the old Elsinore in both the mood and decor, and even the prices are as for 1/4 centuries ago.

Café Olai has a well-groomed renumé which extends far beyond the borders of the country and Café Olai is one of the best eateries in Helsingør and is regularly mentioned in the magazines Travel News and Globetrotter, which a part of the culture of Elsinore.

You will find Café Olai on

Table Booking Phone: +45 49 20 16 07
or online Café Olai Table Booking.

Gavekort helsingør
Elsinore Gift Card

Gift Card Café Olai
The gift never needed to change

Café Olai offers the perfect gift idea.
It can often be difficult to find the right gift for him or her who has everything.  

With Café Olai gift certificates you never go wrong. And you're sure to create joy and excitement.

The gift certificate can be used in Café Olai Helsingør  

The gift card works like a Dankort. The amount will be min. be on 100, - and it can be used & nbsp; one or more times. The gift certificate is written down with the amount purchased and the rest can be used later.  

A gift card from Café Olai will never be outdated

visit helsingør

You can always get your balance at Café Olai.


Jørgensen & Co Modetøj Helsingør
Joergensen & Co
Fashion wear
Stengade 51
3000 Helsingoer Phone: +45 4926 0203   HomePage   Contact

Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday 10:00 - 17:30
Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday 10:00 - 15:00

Joergensen & Co Fashion wear Helsingoer

At Joergensen & Co we lead:

Munthe plus Simonsen · MAPP · Mos Mosh · By Groth · Rocking n'Blue · Stars By P · Charlotte Sparre · Philosophy Blues Original · Maison Scotch · Uldahl

Van Gils · Rosso Malaspino · Rocking n'Blue · Blue Industry · Ahler / TGA Shoe · Marlboro Classics

Jørgensen & Co Modetøj Helsingør

Shoe The Bear now also with fringes of sand and cognac.

Str. 36-41, NOK 1199, -

Joergensen & Co . featuring leading quality brands in fashion as well as skilled and service-minded assistants who help guides and styles you in high quality fashion.

Welcome to Jørgensen & Co
A visit to Jørgensen & Co. is about much more than delicious clothes.

At Joergensen & Co. we strive to make your visit for an experience. Come in and get dressed for a party and everyday.

At Jørgensen & Co, we lead:

Munthe plus Simonsen · MAPP · Mos Mosh · By Groth · Rocking n'Blue · Stars By P · Charlotte Sparre · Philosophy Blues Original · Maison Scotch · Uldahl

Outdoor Season Helsingør

Van Gils· Rosso Malaspino· Rocking n´Blue· Blue Industry· Ahler/ TGA Shoe· Marlboro Classics

Regular news from Paris:

See the new delicious items in the store at Joergensen & Co

Joergensen & Co Stengade 51 · 3000 Helsingoer · Phone. +45 49 26 02 03 ·


Jan & Bo´s Lystfiskershop Helsingør
Jan & Bo´s Angling shop
I.L Tvedesvej 19
3000 Helsingoer Phone: +45 49 26 26 94   HomePage   Contact

Opening hours:
Man - tirsd. 10:00 - 17:00
Thors - Peace. 10:00 - 17:00
Lørd. 9:00 - 14:00

Jan and Bo Angling shop is located in one of DK's best fishing villages of course a huge selection of sea tacks and coastlines. Jan &Amp; Bo Lystfiskershop is always completely updated on fishing in throughout the Sound and along the North Coast. Jan & Bo Lystfiskershop is one of Zealand's largest bargain dealerships, and Jan & stay The fisherman's shop always has fresh brushstorms, tigerworms and canadian forest worm.

Danske Bank Helsingør Afd. Helsingør
Danske Bank Helsingoer Afd. Stengade 57 B 3000 Helsingoer Phone: 45 12 05 60   HomePage   Kontakt
Danske Bank offers advice and a wide range of financial products and services in banking, housing and mortgage, leasing, pension and insurance. That way we can come all the way the way around your finances.

You get competent and personal advice
With us you will meet well-educated and competent Employees who are ready to listen to and discuss your wishes and plans. We work ambitiously and always strive for that offer you personal and competent advice that takes based on your wishes and needs.
Slagter Baagø Helsingør
Butcher Baagoe
Bjergegade 3
3000 Helsingoer
Phone: +45 49 21 11 84   HomePage   Contact

Opening Times:
Monday: CLOSED - - Tuesday: 9.00 - 17.30 - - Wednesday: 9.00 - 17.30 - - Thursday: 9.00 - 17.30
Friday: 9.00 - 18.00
Saturday: 9.00 - 14.00

Butcher Baagoe

Butcher Baagoe is one of the most famous and well-reputed business names in Helsingør. Visit our business and experience it Great selection of home-made products. You will also find delicious dishes just to take home and put in the oven.

Slagter Baagø delivers many experiences for eyes and mouth.
As a butcher's shop and diner transportable, Slagter Baagø supplies daily for both companies and private individuals. Look into the store and get talk to the butcher or our skilled staff. Baagø will Please be helpful when you have the next big party.

Butcher Baagoe Grill
Remember - You are always welcome to compose your own barbecue buffet.
Call and get a price.
All prices are exclusive delivery.
Butcher Baagø has everything in meat for the grill, and delicious homemade barbecue sausages - several kinds of.   Call and hear more. Grill to be rented ONLY when buying a barbecue or sausage.

Slagter Baagø Mad med mere

Butcher Baagoe's skilled staff are always available with good advice and guidance, but you do not have the opportunity to visit us, you can see Our large selection on this page.

Slagter Baagø Mad med mere


It can not be easier for you to have a party, we'll take care of it too.
You choose the one or the dishes that suits your party best. Together we agree with the details and the final menu.
You cover up and we come with the food, decked in bowls and on dishes, just to put on the table.

It can not be easier and better.

Slagter Baagø Mad med mere

menus and plates

Butcher Baagoe delivers many experiences for eyes and mouth.
As a butcher shop and diner transportable we deliver daily both companies and private.

Look into the store and get a menu suggestion or have a chat With our skilled staff, which is always available with good advice and guidance..

Slagter Baagø Mad med mere

Grill with more

We have everything in meat for the grill, and delicious homemade barbecue sausages - several kinds.
Remember - You are always welcome to compose your own barbecue buffet.

All prices are excl. delivery.

SILVAN Helsingør Helsingør
SILVAN Helsingoer H. C. Ørsteds Vej 12 3000 Helsingoer Phone: 60 10 79 77    Contact
Silverline Guld & Sølv Helsingør Helsingør
Silverline Gold & Silver Helsingoer Stengade 34 3000 Helsingoer Phone: +45 49 21 19 63    Contact

Opening Times:
Man-Thurs: 10: 00-17: 30
Fri: 10: 00-18: 00
Sat: 10: 00-15: 00

Silverline Gold & Silver Elsinore

Silverline Gold & Silver is a nice and fashion-proof jeweler which is worth visiting. Silverline Gold & silver leads a lot branded products such as Pandora, Troll Beads, Per Borup, Earstyles, Creol, Aagaard, Mitos, Frk lisby and many others.  
Silverline's workshop has repeatedly won gold awards on Gold & Silversmith for design and repairs.

At Silverline gold and silver in Helsingør you can buy jewelry and watches, men's watches as well as ladies watches.

Silverline guld og sølv Helsingør


Silverline Guld & Sølv Helsingør

Silverline Gold & Silver has one of Denmark's largest selection of watches and jewelry from the most popular brands. Do you order Your jewelry or watch with us, we provide free shipping.  

Silverline Gold & Silver has a swap service and we are subject Danish law, so you can be completely confident when shopping with Silverline Gold & Silver Helsingør.  

Silverline Gold & Silver weighs customer service very high, and therefore we strive to answer all customer requests as soon as possible, by phone or in writing inquiry. Buy your jewelry and watches at Silverline Gold & Silver.
- A world of modern jewelry and watches!

See our wide range of beautiful and adventurous rings from our many dealers. At Silverline Gold & Silver   do you find Guaranteed just what you're looking for

Silverline Guld & Sølv

Earrings is the perfect gift idea for any occasion.  

We strive to have as wide a range as possible, so You can easily find what you're looking for. Silverline Gold & Silver is your jewelry dealer

In addition to many other jewelry, Silverline has gold and silver goldsmith shop also a large selection in bracelets, bracelets and charms for both sexes.  

We have bracelets for men and women. Find out in our Wide selection of bracelets, bracelets and charms for both men and women women.  

Silverline Gold & Silver has a wide selection of beautiful necklaces to suit all tastes.    

Discover our wide selection of jewelry in our jewelry store

Silverline Gold & Silver on facebook

Bracelet Watches
At Silverline Gold & Silver we have a wide range of trendy watches from the leading brands. We have watches for both ladies and gentlemen, and for any occasion - including watches for everyday wear, jewelry watches, waterproof watches and more. Here at Silverline Gold & Silver we strive to always have an updated range within smart and stylish watches.

Silverline Gold & Silver GUEST BOOK
Do you have rice or praise or just want to share your experience of Your visit at  Silverline Guld & Sølv - please write on my Facebook page. Preferably with photo. You are also welcome to write a review here. Thanks in advance.

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs: 10: 00-17: 30 Fri: 10: 00-18: 00 Sat: 10: 00-15: 00

Det Lille The og Kaffehus Helsingør Helsingør
The Little Tea and Coffee House Axeltorv 3000 Helsingoer Phone: +45 4926 4936   HomePage   Kontakt

Opening Times:
Man-Thurs: 10: 00-17: 30
Fri: 10: 00-18: 00
Sat: 10: 00-15: 00

The Little The & Kaffehus Helsingoer

Helsingør Kaffe and Thehus sell only coffee in whole beans. All Beans are of high quality. Beans are nourished every time Coffee and Thehus makes an order.  

Therefore, Helsingør Kaffe and Thehus are sure to always deliver freshly sliced beans that are full of aroma. The Little The & Coffee house never paint the coffee in advance, this is done while the guest is waiting in the store.

Thehuset Axeltorv Helsingør

Kaffe The Krydderier hjemmelavet chokolade og Italienske Specialiteter.

Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

The Little The & Kaffehus has chosen not to compromise what quality is concerned.
It is our vision that The Little The- & Coffee house must be one part of Helsingør street image. All guests are offered within one "Welcome to".  

It is located Little The & Coffee house very much for everyone Must have a good, happy and professional experience. & nbsp;

The Little Tea and Coffee House is always extremely responsive to changes, about what we can do better as well as changes in the assortment. What we We do not know much about that. What we do not have goods can be obtained.

Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

The Assortment        
I The & The coffee house sells only the tea in bulk. The & The coffee house imports most of our tea from Germany's largest the importers.

  Every month we get hundreds of kilos of the delivered. That's why our goods are always fresh and of top quality. Half of our theer are organic, of which more are coming.

 The & The coffee house has a basic range in the shop as pt. consists of about 180 different kinds of teas. Ca. 10-15 off these tea vll be "liquid", ie that they are constantly being replaced. We measure every single month on the sale of all the teas and are perfect responsive to the guests' wishes for changes in the range.

Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

Coffee range
We only sell coffee in whole beans. All beans are high quality. They are kidneyed every time we place an order. That is why We ensure always delivering freshly-filled beans, which are full of aroma. We never paint the coffee in advance, this is done while the guest waiting in the store. choose between Coffee Company - Just Coffee eller Te & Kaffespecialisten

Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

We have a selection of homemade chocolate from Jota i Gilleleje. In addition, we sell delicious handmade Belgian chocolate from L’Artisan as well as handmade chocolate from Bruyere.


Thehuset Helsingør
Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

We sell 40-45 different spices in bulk. All the spices are "pure" spices and of the best quality.


Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

Olier & balsamico
Vi sælger “tap selv” olier og balsamico af bedste italiensk kvalitet.


Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

Sweet Things
Cold pressed honey from Sønderjylland. Various English marmalades. All products from Samsø (jams, juices, and snaps), delicious English cookies, fudge, soft nougat and more ..


Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

Italienske specialiteter
Diverse olier, balsamico, tapernade, aioli, pesto, oliven, olivencremer, artiskokcreme, trøfler, trøfelcreme, udsøgt pasta, sambuca, limoncello m.m..


Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør

Gift Basket
We combine gift baskets in all price ranges, as desired.

We welcome new and old guests to the store and we are looking forward to seeing you.

Thehuset Helsingør
Det Lille The & Kaffehus Helsingør
Det Lille The & Kaffehus on facebook


Thehuset Elsinore GUEST BOOK
Do you have rice or praise or just want to share your experience of Your visit at  Det Lille The & Kaffehus - please write on my Facebook page. Preferably with photo. You are also welcome to write a review here. Thanks in advance.

Du finder os: Sudergade 22 Axeltorv   3000 Helsingør

Du ringet på: telefon +45 4926 4936  The & Kaffespecialisten

Kontakt os her:

Åbningstider: man-tor: 10:00-17:30 fre: 10:00-18:00 lør: 10:00-15:00

HOUSE Inside Helsingør

HOUSE Inside
Bjergegade 19
3000 Helsingoer
Telefon:+45 49264936

visit helsingør

House Inside is a small shop with home accessories. The committee is wide. Everything from delicious wooden toys for ceramics and home decor from Marrakech.


New organic series from Klinta. Bodybutter, lip cream, massage scented candles, scented oil, facial series, shampoo, bath salts, gift boxes, etc. Come in and try one of our testers.

Outdoor Season Helsingør
Outdoor Season Stjernegade 4C 3000 Helsingoer Phone: +45 49 20 21 27   HomePage   Kontakt

Opening Times:
Monday - Friday: 10 - 18
Saturday 10:00 - 15:00

Outdoor Season Elsinore

Welcome to Outdoor Season Elsinore
Outdoor Season's main objective, of course, is satisfied and happy customers.  

Outdoor Season has many years of experience with Outdor sports, hunting and fishing, and you should have questions about our range, you are welcome to contact us

Outdoor Season Helsingør

Outdoor Season started in 2003 with the store in Helsingør. focus is on clothing and equipment for hiking, climbing, snow and others outdoor activities.  

Outdoor Season has always emphasized having a wide selection in High quality brands at competitive prices. This focus has given a great local support and we will do our best for to continue it online.
Outdoor Season is an independent shop, and therefore not bound by heavy decisions from above. We are always in search of the best products.

Outdoor Season Helsingør
Outdoor Season
Outdoor Season Helsingør
Outdoor Season

Outdoor Season
At Outdoor Season we sell outdoor equipment for climbing, hiking, etc.   at very competitive prices. We have always plenty of branded goods in stock.

The outdoor season is filled with a number of good deals that are ongoing will be renewed - the store is definitely worth a visit!

Be well dressed for hunting and fishing and more Leisure life - Discover our clothing department with the leading brands and latest news of all sizes - also to the very "big" leisure people.

Large selection of sleeping bags
There is of course a comprehensive warranty on all makes and models according to the manufacturer's specifications.

See Outdoor Season's wide selection of hardware that make up an extremely important part of the equipment you are on tour. Hardware covers over backpacks, tents, climbing racks, sunglasses, cross-country skiing, lights sleeping bags etc..

Outdoor Season Helsingør

.We have a wide range of backpacks, including from Osprey which is one of the most innovative manufacturers of backpacks and has In addition, a wide range of sleeping bags in both thin and fiber. It is Also in this category you will find the impregnation for both clothing like tents and backpacks.

Outdoor Season Helsingør
Outdoor Season Helsingoer

At Outdoor Season we are very careful when choosing which ones brands we are going to lead.  

We do not compromise on quality and we are very excited about that You get a good experience with the items you buy from us.  

We have a wide range of items from The North Face, Fjällräven and Osprey all offer high quality and highly specialized products. 

Outdoor Season Helsingør

We also negotiate a lot of new and smaller brands that make exciting and innovative products, including Providus and Nalgene, who makes environmentally sound and healthy drink bottles, Meindl like I Many years have made solid and well-dressed hiking boots, Julbo like is among the leaders in sunglasses Jetboil that makes innovative and lightning gas burners and not least Kings Cup like in our opinion, makes the world's best hot cocoa.

Outdoor Season Stjernegade 4 3000 Helsingør tel: (+45) 49 20 21 27